The exhaust gas from the cylinder setting machine
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ntralized and combined heat exchanger can reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas to 60 ℃, and the volume of the exhaust gas will be greatly reduced.

Generally, the waste gas of the setting machine shall pass through the stainless steel circulating filter screen first, and then to the heat exchanger. The fibers and large drops of oil mist in the waste gas of the setting machine will be adsorbed on the filter screen after passing through the circulating filter screen, playing a part of purification effect, so that the large fibers and oil mist will not enter the heat exchanger and block the heat exchanger. The circulating filter screen can be removed for cleaning and reuse.

The tiny oil mist in the exhaust gas from the setting machine will be ionized and adsorbed by the high-voltage electric field of the industrial high-voltage electrostatic oil fume removal device, forming larger oil mist particles, which will be adsorbed on the metal plate under the action of Coulomb force in the electric field, and then flow to the oil collecting tray, receiving the function of removing oil fume, odor and recycling waste oil.

The waste gas treated by the high-pressure electrostatic oil fume removal device still contains some fibers and oil mist. The waste gas is guided and diffused in the spray type oil fume removal device and contacts with the high-pressure water mist. The water mist can condense various fibers and oil mist particles, and the micro water drops with fibers and oil mist are separated by the water droplet separator and then separated by the oil-water separator.

Due to the reasons of dyes and auxiliaries, some setting machines will have a smell that is hard to smell. The high-voltage electrostatic oil fume removal device has a certain function of odor removal. However, if the smell is relatively large, an active carbon odor removal device can be installed to remove the odor in the exhaust gas, without affecting the lives of nearby residents.

Update date:2023-02-14