Classification of flocking machines
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According to the different flocking products, the proper flocking methods are generally divided into three types:

1. Assembly line flocking: the high-power flocking machine is equipped with the large, medium and small flocking assembly line produced by the company to realize the production of large-scale and full-automatic flocking products. The flocking assembly line can realize the full-automatic completion of gluing, flocking, drying and floating pile recovery from the items. Such as: flocking cloth, leather, paper, non-woven fabrics, PVC, PET, plastic film, glass, sponge, all kinds of handicrafts, toys, automotive plastic parts, car pads, floor mats, storage boxes, automobile sealant strips, ornaments, clothes hangers, foam balls, Christmas gifts, plastic boxes, pulp boxes, cardboard, calendars, couplets, New Year pictures, packaging gift boxes and other flocking.

2. Silk screen flocking: This flocking method is suitable for single color and multi color flocking items. Each flocking box is equipped with one color of fluff, and the unique silk screen flocking process of our company is used to realize the flocking of multi color items. Such as clothing, paper and other printing flocking. The process is characterized by fast flocking speed. The color matching is accurate, and the fluff is flocked in the sealed box.

3. Box flocking: place the fluff in a special box with a utilization rate of 98% of fluff to form a high-voltage electric field and realize full closed flocking.

Update date:2023-02-14