Application of flocking in garment industry
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Electrostatic flocking fabric is an ideal jacket fabric because of its soft texture, gorgeous appearance and even wrinkle. Cashmere like flocking fabric is a kind of clothing fabric with irregular corrugations on the surface. The product is elegant, elastic and comfortable. Its unique style mainly depends on the shrinkage performance of the bottom cloth. One of the important reasons for the shrinkage of the bottom cloth is the electrostatic fluffing process, which makes the surface covered with a layer of full and uniform fluff, so as to prevent the large amount of electrostatic flocking adhesive from infiltrating into the bottom cloth and affecting the shrinkage performance of the bottom cloth. At the same time, the fluff clusters with the shrinkage of the bottom cloth, which can make the electrostatic flocking surface convex and concave, and produce a horizontal crepe.

Flocking printing

With the rapid development of electronics, fiber, chemical industry, machinery and other industries, the quality of flocking cloth is constantly improving, and its use is also expanding. From the original industrial cloth, decorative cloth gradually developed to the field of clothing cloth. In recent years, it has developed rapidly, and more and more new varieties have been developed. Many printing and dyeing methods have been applied to flocking cloth, such as pigment printing, bronzing printing, flocking of printed cloth and direct printing and discharge printing on flocking cloth. The use of these means makes the products of the flocking cloth more abundant, and adds a beautiful scenery for the clothing industry.

Application of flocking in home textile

Electrostatic flocking has a very broad market in home textile products. Flocking sand release fabric has unique patterns, rich colors, soft and breathable, especially in winter, it is warmer and more comfortable than leather sofa. Electrostatic flocking fabric bed cover has three-dimensional sense, beautiful and generous, full of characteristics, more ornamental. The electrostatic flocking curtain is rich in color, thick in texture, soft, warm and sun proof. Flocking carpet is also an important product of electrostatic flocking. At present, it ranks first in electrostatic flocking products in foreign countries. This kind of ground decoration has the characteristics of movable, easy cleaning, pollution resistance, sound insulation and shock absorption, heat preservation, wear resistance and durability.

Update date:2023-02-14